Mediation Services

Mediate3 offers different models of dispute resolution as appropriate to the parties and the dispute. We offers specialised mediation services, featuring various dispute resolution models including facilitative mediation, evaluative mediation and arbitration in Sydney and nearby areas.
Family law mediation Services

Family Law

Separating married or de facto couples may choose to engage in mediation to help resolve the terms of their agreement on parenting plans or financial matters.

Corporate Mediation Services


A dispute about commercial or business issues can still be emotionally difficult, with far-reaching effects on parties’ personal lives and financial futures.

Rural Mediation Services


When parents, children, in-laws, or new partners clash over farm succession or family businesses, the distance between the parties can seem insurmountable.

Commercial Mediation Services

Disputes About Wills

Mediate3’s wills and estate mediation services can help parties navigate issues involving contested estates, family provision claims and disputes over non-estate assets.

Elder Mediation Services


Conflict in families over estates or succession planning can also involve broader decisions about the care of an older family member. Emotions such as guilt, embarrassment or a desire to protect loved ones can make it difficult to express concerns.

Tailored resolution options

Mediate3 offers different models of dispute resolution in a location to suit the
parties and their dispute.

Facilitative Mediation

When parties are struggling to find a way through their dispute, the mediator can help facilitate conversation between the parties in conflict. Parties are encouraged to arrive at their own solution to the dispute through exploring the other party’s interests and needs. In this model, the mediator does not express an opinion on the merits or each party’s arguments.

Evaluative mediation

Where parties are locked into entrenched positions or have unrealistic expectations an evaluative model can be helpful. Here, the mediator will offer their opinion on the issues in dispute and may make recommendations and suggestions. For example, the mediator may offer an assessment on the potential outcome should the matter progress to a hearing before a judicial officer.


Parties may also choose to appoint a mutually agreed arbitrator to decide about the division of their property and/or spousal maintenance. Arbitration can offer a flexible, relatively quick and affordable resolution. 


Parties and the arbitrator may agree on what issues they want to be arbitrated. Following the arbitration, the arbitrator writes an award, which is binding and can be registered with the court. If a party is unhappy with the award, they may apply to the court for a review, but the review is limited to questions of law only. 


Mediate3 also offers the services of qualified arbitrators with considerable experience in arbitrating family law property or spouse maintenance disputes.

Specialised and professional mediation services

Experience expert mediation services in Sydney for tailored conflict resolution. Skilled mediators, confidential solutions – your peace of mind matters.


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